Saturday, May 19, 2007

NBA Stars Should Stick To Basketball, Especially French Ones

Why aren’t NBA players content with the millions of dollars and admiration they already get? Many of them feel the need to go above and beyond the simple title of “Athlete Spectacular Super Human” and put themselves in the spotlight off the court. From Kobe to Ron Artest, some NBA superstars feel the need to express themselves musically by producing their own embarrassing rap albums.
Shaq, Allen Iverson, even Ben Gordon have all bought their way into the music business. No matter how ridiculously bad any other rappers are, Tony Parker takes the cake as the worst NBA Player/ Awkward musical artist. For some reason, however, he gets love from Fabolous AND Eva Longoria. I don’t get it.

In this video Tony P and Booba may or may not be holdin' it down. Keep your eyes peeled for your favorite Spurs, and you may even see a few of Parker's adopted children.

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