Monday, August 25, 2008

What's Spanish For "Wunderkind"?

"Tastes Like A Silver Medal"

The biggest basketball related story of the 2008 Beijing Olympics isn't how the US totally dominated every opponent. I'm pretty sure everyone saw that coming. The most intriguing player was Spanish 17 year-old Ricky Rubio. Now, I've been a fan of this player since he was in SLAM a year ago, but he had a chance to highlight his skills against the worlds elite and he proved himself a legitimate future NBA talent.
This phenom has an incredible basketball IQ, unbelievable court vision and he was able to shine on a team filled with current NBA players who were playing America's finest at a high-school age. has him ranked as the number one pick in next years draft and as far as I can tell, that would be a solid choice. His highlight tape won't be filled with dunks but, given his age, there are some incredible defensive plays and an experience level well beyond his years on display. Also, it's accompanied by R.Kelly's epic, "The World's Greatest"

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