Monday, January 7, 2008

Finally, A Reason To Hate On Hansbrough... Just Try And Keep Up With Me Here

"C'mon! It's Clemson! CLEMSON! ARGH!"

Game Recognize Game has always been about the people. I’ve made it a point to give my legions of fans what they demand and it was with this mindset that I proceeded to investigate last nights UNC (1) vs. Clemson (19) game. You probably all know that UNC barely pulled it out, winning 90-88 on a last second three pointer from Wayne Ellington. These types of things happen all the time. Basketball, especially on the college level, is exciting thanks to these games, so what’s special about this one? It gives me a platform to hate on North Carolina, hopefully setting myself up for lots of angry comments.
First of all, I pose a simple question. Clemson? Really UNC? Clemson? Wow, that’s embarrassing. I mean, you’re the easy favorite to win the whole shebang and Celmson invites you over for a friendly game, where I’m sure they sold more blue and white shirts than home ones, and they actually take it into overtime.
Now that that’s out of the way, here’s why UNC gets on my nerves. When March Madness rolls around, whose bandwagon do you think that everyone is gonna hop on to? I mean, sure they’ve had a great program for many years and yeah, they’ll probably win it all this year but a UNC 15-0 record means nothing. Beating the likes of Penn, UCSB and Valparaiso hardly proves anything. It’s the same thing every season, beat a few terrible programs, maybe pull it out against Duke, grab a good spot in the tourney and lose.
So, I’m not impressed with their game against Clemson or the wins that have actually come as easily as they should have, but my big, BIG problem with UNC is Tyler Hansbrough. Here’s Tyler’s biography as I understand it:

-He was discovered as a pretty good player in middle school.
-He transferred to Basketball Academy where he was held back so he could continue to play basketball without worrying himself with math, literature, etc.
-He learned how to put his head down and throw up crazy layups, grabbing the attention of UNC.
-He got punched in the face by Gerald Henderson.
-He now is a 22 year-old Junior (yeah, that is a little old, huh?) who will have a strong career on the Atlanta Krunk CBA team.

So, let’s recap, UNC nearly got beaten by Clemson (a two point win off a last second 3 in overtime), 15-0 means nothing with their schedule (the best team they play besides Clemson is Duke) and they’re led by Tyler Hansbrough (22 year-old junior with a 5th grade education).
I leave you with this, which I watch to vent some of my frustrations from time to time:

Notice how Tyler times his readiness to confront Gerald Henderson so that it’s just too late. Pretty convenient, huh?


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