Thursday, January 10, 2008

He's Only 7'5" Without Shoes On

As you probably know, UNC played one of their signature pointlessly easy games against UNC-Asheville last night and it was as boring as expected… except for Kenny George. At 7’6” George is the tallest player to ever play Division I basketball and he's coming off the bench. To go with his height he has 360 lbs and no skill. He got dunked on by Tyler “Basketball? I Thought This Was The UFC” Hansbrough and despite grabbing a rebound here and there George didn’t make much of an impact in the game.
My question is, why don’t they just run this play every single time. George would be 50% from the field, grab 50 of his own rebounds and score 100 points every game.

He doesn’t even have to jump.

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