Monday, February 4, 2008

Shaq Has An(other) Illegitimate Son?

"Whatever You Do, Don't Put Out An Album"

I understand that it might be a little hard to notice these days, but Dwight Howard is a lot like Shaq. I mean, a lot like him. You’ve all seen last years All-Star dance contest, but these two have more in common then just YouTube take over. The fact that they were both selected first overall to Orlando should say something. All this talk about how Dwight Howard is a clear superstar who is still so raw and has so much room for improvement sounds a lot like Shaq’s hype back in ’96. In fact, lets look at ’96 a little bit closer. Shaq was 26 points with 11 rebounds and 2 blocks, shooting 57% from the field in his 4th season. Shooting might not be the best word. Big Fraiser basically dunked it every single time. Sounds a lot like Dwight Howard. In this, Howard’s 4th season, Dwight is averaging 22 points, 14 rebounds 2 blocks and he’s shooting (more like dunking) at about 59%. Aside from stats, position and ability, it’s important to remember that Shaq was just about the goofiest big man ever when he came into the league. These days Dwight Howard is dancing, joking and smiling into all of our hearts. Still, to really get a sense of how similar these two are, you really have to watch them play. Here’s a video that allows you to do just that. (For the record, I thought of this before I found the video).

So what does this mean for the future of Dwight? He'll play with the Lakers until Kobe gets jealous and ships him off.


Anonymous said...

then he'll get sent to the grizzlies (or someone like them), promise a championship, win it, then injure his knee and be irrelevant for the next 2-4 seasons

Pete Fresh said...

Until he gets traded to the Suns, where he will become:

a) A sheriff
b) Too fat to spin on his head anymore
c) Divorced from his wife
d) A rapping genie who grants the wishes of white kids
e) All of the above