Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gil's Grotto

What does the man who just signed a contract for 111 million dollars buy? A million dollar grotto. Between his Wizards paycheck and lucrative T.V. show deal with Cartoon Network, Gilbert Arenas has been able to buy himself possibly the most affluent pool ever constructed. The grotto is set to feature three fish tanks, a cliff face and a basement in which Agent Zero can watch all his game film on a phat plasma. Here are some pics:

Here is easily the best feature of the grotto. Gil has commissioned a mural of himself sitting in front of the white house with a pit bull. God bless America.

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Daly Report said...

Actually, if he wanted a picture of himself in front of the White House, the artist goofed, big time. That big building behind him, friends, is our nation's Capitol, NOT the White House. he running for Congress?