Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Most Eventful Off-Season Since Last Off-Season!

The Next Charles Barkley? He's Chubby Enough

In an off-season that will in no way come close to rivaling last years (remember that whole KG/Ray Allen trade thing?) some interesting things have actually been happening. Our rivals at the Last Word ( have taken the time to write entire articles about each trade…borrriiinnngg. Here’s a quick snippet with some of my thoughts:

Elton Brand coming to Philly: I am generally a pessimistic person when it comes to the Sixers making trades and whatnot, but I can’t help but be excited about this. Although he’s almost 30 and coming off a pretty serious injury, the Rubber Brand Man is pretty much a guaranteed 20 and 10 player and he can only help a young team trying to advance in the playoffs.

Jermaine O’Neal going to Toronto: I’ve always thought O’Neal was an overrated player and I can’t see the Raptors going too far in the post season now that they have him. More notably, they lost T.J. Ford in the trade and have to upgrade Calderon to a starter without a decent backup. Calderon was better than Ford this past year but it might have had something to do with Al Horford breaking T.J.’s back by slamming him into the floor.

Clippers signing Baron Davis: This is clearly a good job by the Clippers and I can see Davis remaining an impact player for a few more years and maybe making the playoffs again if some of the younger players work out. I can’t help but assume that Davis was pretty mad when Brand decided to leave, but the Clippers have still had a pretty good offseason so far.

The offseason is far from over and the Lakers are still trying to fit in a blockbuster deal. They offered a Lamar-Odom-for-Ron-Artest trade to Sacramento which seems pretty lopsided to me. Artest can be considered one of the 10 best players in the League when he is performing to his potential and Lamar Odom is bald. Odom is a decent player but Artest is definitely better in every way. I can’t say what the Kings will end up doing but they can tick off the entire Western Conference by agreeing to the trade.

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