Monday, November 26, 2007

From The Windows To The Walls: The Krunk Are All About Marburys

"Atlanta, Here I Come"

First of all, this post has very little to do with Lil' Jon or even Atlanta really, so all those who googled "Atlanta Krunk" are not in the right place. Though I am known to both snap my fingers AND do my step, this post is actually about the Atlanta Krunk, the infamous CBA team.
It seems that the Kenny Anderson coached team has employed Zach Marbury, Stephon’s little brother, as their point guard. Now, I’m sure that Zach is a very capable point guard and in his defense he has yet to get in a fight with Isiah Thomas, but I find it hard to believe that Stephon is sponsoring the team with his clothing line AND Zach is running the point for a totally unrelated reason.
I don’t want to imply that the venerable Atlanta Krunk would give anyone underserved playing time, but I am suggesting that Stephon might get more of a say about who plays and who doesn’t than a sponsor should. Whether Zach got the job based on his skills, he's the team scoring and assist leader, or because his bro supplies the uniforms, a Marbury family dominated team is something I am very ready to see.
Hopefully the addition of And1’s ‘The Professor’ (that’s right, he’s signed on to join the CBA when his contract runs out) won’t disrupt the Atlanta Krunk, who might as well change their name to the ‘Marburyville Marburys’.


Hey Mikey! He likes it! said...

That's almost as fishy as Zeke still being allowed to coach the Knicks.

Pete Fresh said...

I'm pretty sure he would trade Stephon for Zach right about now.