Monday, November 19, 2007

My Amazing Journey: Chris Webber

Here That? That's The Sound Of 30
NBA Teams Not Wanting You

What ever happened to Chris Webber? His career is pretty hard to remember so I'll map it out for you:

1) Ruined The Fab 5 legacy at Michigan by accepting 17 purple Hummers from his agent
2) Made a decent career out of hook shots and losing to Kobe in Sacramento
3) Ruined the Sixers by forgetting to bring his knees along with him in the trade
4) Produced a Nas song
5) Seemed to be revitalized with the Pistons
6) Was maybe gonna play for an Italian team

After an impressive career like that, I'm surprised nobody wants this guy... In any case he actually used to be pretty sick and my favorite YouTube director, Yinka Dare, supplies a mix that highlights Webber's skills and whining ability complimented with some Gang Starr:

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