Friday, November 16, 2007

Get Husky... But Not That Husky

"Being Impractically Strong Is Cool!"

Greg Oden might actually be better off sitting at home playing “Halo 3” than working out in his free time before next season. When the Blazers drafted him, Oden’s body-fat percentage was 7.8, and it’s the same today. What’s the problem? The Big Chameleon has also added 30 pounds of straight muscle. Obviously, a jacked Oden is better than a fat Oden, but an additional 30 pounds (a total of 280 pounds) is probably too much for a surgically repaired knee to handle.
Oden was unable to lift in college thanks to his wrist injury, but now he’s tearing up the weight room like it was made of something easy to tear up. With the knee injury, he hasn’t done any type of lower body workouts and he might end up being a 20-year-old version of today’s Shaq. Trail Blazers’ coach, Nate McMillan, isn’t happy about Oden’s workout regimen either, "I would much rather have him be wiry strong than bulky, especially coming off a surgery. When you're talking about putting on extra weight and having to carry that weight on a surgically repaired leg, that's not good. We want to be really careful with the weight training with him.'' So, Oden is already upsetting his coach and he hasn’t even blown a game… yet.
Imagine 10 more months of workouts for Greg; the Big Chameleon will be more like Black Godzilla by the time his NBA debut rolls around. At least he will always have ESPN commercials.

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