Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Did You Know Garnett Is An Irish Name?

Unforunatley, I am forced to blog about Kevin Garnett's move to the Celtics. This is because as a sports blogger, and specifically one of basketballic proportions, I must recognize this move as one of the most significant in recent memory.
KG is arguabley the best player in the NBA and many, myself included, thought he would end his career in Minnesota. Instead, he sacrificed his insane loyalty and moved himself to a team that doesn't even recognize draft karma as a tangible entity.
You can argue that Pierce and Allen are better players than Garnett has ever had the pleasure of playing with, and that would be true (the next best set is Cassell and Sprewell... awful), but as they both play the same position (with poor health history) and hog the ball even more than Garnett does, this franchise will go nowhere fast. Garnett's not getting any younger and this three year deal may solidify his title of best player to continually fail. And I'm not talking like Reggie Miller fail, I mean like "this team may win the Atlantic Division only once or twice" fail.
That being said, this move can't possibly hurt the Celtics, the 06-07 season's version of the 05-06 Knicks (best comparison I could come up with), and it will sell plenty of tickets. On the downside for Boston, they better be right about this guy because they sacrificed every young talent they had in order to get him. (Prediction: In eight years, Gerald Green will dunk on a a walker using Kevin Garnett hobbling around in the lane).
Is it possible for three aging, shoot first, ball-demanding, highly paid superstars to win some games? Sure, but don't excpect another Bean Town Dynasty.

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