Thursday, July 12, 2007

NBA Mascots Are Funny

To kick it off, the cream of the crop of all NBA mascotery, Clutch the Bear. The 04-05 NBA season's mascot of the year, he is seen as the model for dancing to goofy songs and slingshot-ing t-shirts throughout the world. Plus, look at the crotch.

Bango, the Milwaukee Bucks' mascot, adds a little holiday spirit to the old "Dunk Through a Hoop" routine. Best part about this, when you're done, hang the wreath over the stadium doors!

The Orlando Magic mascot, Stuff the Magic Dragon, gives this kangaroo the ol' 1, 2. Obviously, this is used as some sort of intimidation technique to scare the opponent. If the mascot can beat up a kangaroo, what chance do you have, Detroit Pistons?

Here's a nice little collage of NBA mascots on drugs... or something. The obvious question is, "Why would they do this?". I answer that with another question, "Aren't you entertained?"

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