Sunday, July 15, 2007

Game Recognize Andre Iguodala

First, an introduction: I’ll be profiling some of my favorite players in these “Game Recognize…” spots and hopefully you will learn to like them as much as I do. These players should be known, but not quite superstars. Maybe they will reach that level one day, but as I present a basketball blog, I feel that some lesser known players should be recognized and though these posts will certainly not propel them to superstar status, somebody somewhere will keep a lookout for these guys.

Let’s kick it off with Andre Iguodala. As a diehard Philadelphia 76ers fan, I love watching this guy throw down. As the true 2006 NBA Dunk Contest champion, he is no stranger above the rim. But what’s most intriguing about this guy is that the Sixers will need him to step up this year. They’ll be looking to him to fill in the former A.I.’s leadership role, and he’s willing to step up to the challenge.
“I’m capable of being in that role and willing to have it”, says Iggy. He’s already backed that up with his game. After losing Iverson, the Sixers turned to Andre, and he delivered. They finished up the season with a record of 17 and 9 and Iguodala provided Sports Center with plenty of highlights. I’m definitely not afraid for the Sixers’ future under this guy.
In an NBA dominated by young SG/SF players, Iguodala is often overshadowed. “When I guard guys like Kobe, Paul Pierce, LeBron, Dwade, Melo, I learn things”. He seems unconcerned with fame, he just wants to emulate some of the best players and turn the franchise around. It is impossible to be unimpressed with the Chi-town product as he catches impossible oops from teammate Andre Miller while remaining humble but confident.
A fan really can’t ask for more from a player. Iggy is young, explosive, talented and stepping into a vital leadership role. Many people see Sixers fans as depressed, angry haters, but I can’t wait for next season because win or lose, the new spirit of the team brought by this guy is bound to pay off at some point.

So, keep an eye on this guy in 07-08. With one of the best passers in Miller at the point and a new leadership role, Iggy will not disappoint.

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