Monday, July 2, 2007

So Many Free Agents, So Little Time

After a draft for the ages and an ever-rising salary cap, the summer is sure to be fraught with trade rumors. Everyone has heard about Kobe, KG and Carter, but some interesting prospects have been ignored in the wake of these milestone trade possibilities. So, here’s a breakdown of some of the lesser-discussed rumors.

1) Rashard Lewis. After changing agents, Lewis is finally holding out for the big bucks, and opting out of his contract with the Sonics. Despite a primary meeting with Seattle’s front office, it seems unlikely that Rashard will play for them again. They drafted two forwards, both of which seem to be future Rashards and Lewis himself is being looked at by Houston. As Rashard blossoms into a rich superstar, he comes to expect a rich superstars salary, something that Seattle may not be willing to provide while keeping Green and Durant on the payroll.

2) Gerald Wallace. This guy is in almost the same situation as Lewis. He opted out of his contract with Charlotte and is now demanding a high-paying salary, something that the Bobcats hope to provide, but may not get the chance to. Allegedly, Golden State, Dallas, Orlando, Milwaukee, Detroit, Miami and Portland have all made inquiries. Gerald seems to be looking for a change and a team with playoff potential and any club would be lucky to have him.

3) Darko Milicic. Now for some reason, NBA teams actually seek this guy out. As a member of the Orlando Magic, however, his salary of $15.6 million leaves his team with no room to maneuver. If the Magic want to seriously pursue a talented up-and-coming free agent, and thusly the playoffs, they need to let Darko go. This leaves a pretty highly regarded pure center, a rare commodity, open to lots of different teams. Although no rumors have started to circulate about any specific teams, this story may be one to look out for.

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