Thursday, August 9, 2007

Allan and Anfernee Must Read This Blog

Well Reggie Miller's Retired All-Star Squad has created quite a bit of hype already and, in an unlikely coincidence, All-Star Allan Houston is considering a return to the NBA and Penny Hardaway has signed with the Miami Heat.
The 36 year-old Houston is more than willing to sacrifice his Knicks legacy in order to play about 10 minutes a night and put up the occasional three pointer. When asked if he would play on Reggie Miller's Retired All-Star Squad, however, he had the following to say. "I'm looking to play a supporting role to some of these great young stars,'' Houston said. "More of a leadership role, someone who can add experience and stability late in games". So, he wouldn't play with other old washed up has-beens. Maybe Ostertag can talk him into it.
Penny Hardaway hasn't looked back at his Orlando legacy as he joins the already elderly Heat. He'll join Gary Payton and possibly Alonzo Mourning in the team that is slowly turning into Reggie Miller's Retired All-Star Squad.
Both of these guys should have stayed retired, but didn't. They earn a spot on the Squad.


Hey Mikey! He likes it! said...

I won't lie to you: I laughed for a good five minutes when I read the words, "Knicks legacy."

I will say, though, in just about every major sport (including hockey!), older players (we're talking 40+) are making valid contributions on contending teams. Chris Chelios, Curt Schilling, Moises Alou, etc. Basketball is really the only one left were an aging superstar hasn't been an overly noteworthy contributor.

Long live the Reggie Miller All-Stars! (Can we take this idea to other sports?)

Pete Fresh said...

Ok, maybe "legacy" is a strong word, but don't scoff at a career of 17 ppg with 40% 3-point shooting. But he did leave a legacy with the Allan Houston Rule. Because the Knicks were so poor and Houston's big contract, the NBA changed up the rules regarding the release of a player and his contract affecting the luxury tax. Basically this rule is what allowed the T-Wolves to release KG.
And yes, Reggie Miller is willing to branch out with his All-Star team. He's already tried to contact Schilling and Randy Johnson about an MLB deal.