Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We're Number 1

If there was any doubt in anybody’s mind that the United States is the most physically dominant and thus superior nation on earth, the USA Men’s Senior Basketball Team has shut you up. They haven’t won by less than 27 points and remain undefeated by the best of the Americas. But some, including ESPN’s Chris Sheridan, aren’t satisfied by the USA. They claim that the roster is full of egos and lacking in defense. Umm, excuse me but last time I checked defense is reserved for opponents that play basketball professionally, not as training for soccer.
You shouldn’t be concerned with the fact that America allowed Mexico to score 100 points, because they’re playing under a system developed partially by Mike D’Antoni. He’s the coach of the Phoenix Suns who doesn’t care how many times the other team scores, as long as his team scores one point more.
Game Recognize Game guarantees an undefeated record in every single game this current incarnation of the USA Olympic Team plays, or I will personally write an entry praising whatever lame, finger-rolling country takes enough charges to win.

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