Friday, August 31, 2007

The Dallas Stars Just Entered A World Of Pain

The Dallas Stars, hockey’s most awkwardly located NHL team, has seen fit to poke fun at the NBA’s referee scandal. They have posted a billboard claiming that “The Only Thing Our Refs Shave Is The Ice”, seen above. Where do you get off, Stars? How dare you poke fun at professional sports most respected officials. What the heck does “Come Into The Cold” mean, anyway?
On the other hand, this is the sort of behavior I would expect from a bunch of Canadians and eastern Europeans, but Mav’s owner and attention hog Mark Cuban has been reported as saying, “I think it’s hysterical. Good for them. It’s a fun ad”. It wouldn’t be so funny if you could blame point shaving for your embarrassingly early exit from the playoffs, would it Mark? I doubt it will be more hysterical than your Dancing With the Stars performances.
I’ve got some suggestions for NBA billboards that might return the favor. “The Only Fights Our Refs Allow Are Between Artest And Paying Patrons”, “The Only Blades Our Players Use Are For Shanking” and “Our League Has Nothing To Do With The ‘Mighty Ducks’ Movies” are just a few of my brilliant ideas.
I move for some sort of rebuttal from the League. Don’t underestimate Stern’s hatred for Texas, Stars.


StarsRule said...

Come on fellow, don't stress over the small stuff. Obviously you are not a hockey fan if you don't know what COME INTO THE COLD means. It is quite cold in a hockey arena so come on in and enjoy it. The "funnies" that you provided for a billboard absolutely make no sense at all. You are going to have a heart attack if you let the small stuff like that get under your skin. Obviously, the truth hurts since that was truth on the billboard. The NHL does have some questionable refs that tend to give penalties/or not, that should not/or should be given. But the NBA has real scoundrels according to news reports. I certainly wouldn't want to give the title of "Most Respected" to a ref that has gotten himself in trouble commiting a no-no. And, FYI, I really doubt that anyone on the Stars team even knew the billboards were out there so find someone else to blame. You might try blaming the "Bad" ref or the newspapers or the TV news since they first reported it.

Oh, and the Stars, FYI again, are one of the most successful teams in the south. I doubt that anyone has anything to worry about except you and your heart. I'd get that checked if you get this riled up over everything that doesn't fit your opinion. (Oh, yes, I guess the bad NBA ref might possibly have something to worry about.)

(I personally think that basketball is a useless sport. Hockey takes immense strength and talant and mental capacity. Basketball, on the other hand, has giants that just run up and down the court and try to throw a ball in a basket and then take a dive so they can get free throws.)

Settle down and have a good weekend.

Pete Fresh said...

If the best asset that the Stars have to offer is the fact that they play in the cold, then Hockey really does suck.
What do you do, google Dallas Stars and then write three paragraphs sweating people who don't appreciate a game played by Eastern Europeans on steroids?
If I really had any beef with hockey, I'd be forced to point out that Wayne Gretsky and his wife make Tim Donaghy look like a girl scout.

StarsRule said...
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Pete Fresh said...


StarsRule said...

You own nothing. I guess the truth hurts and you don't want anyone to read the truth. But, because of the only sport you care about:

"brings you an all basketball blog"

Your mind is closed and that is a sign of childishness. It is your basketball and you are just going to take it home.

Sir, hockey is my main love but I will watch the Mavs on certain occasions, I watch the Cowboys and I watch soccer. I will just bet (and I use that term loosely) that you do not do the same. You really should "come into the cold". You might just find that you like it.

Pete Fresh said...

Thanks for the life lesson, bud. Go ruin someone elses posts

StarsRule said...

Ya' know, I thought these blogs were for EVERYONE'S opinion. Obviously not. I don't understand why you think YOUR post was ruined. You said what you wanted to say and I disagreed. Oh, that's it, you don't think anyone should disagree with you or have their own opinion so you just shut them down. I have had many posts on other hockey team boards and they are very polite.I guess hockey people are just that way though. I will leave my postings with adults in the future as children just can't understand important subjects or comprehend intelligent and new ideas. On second thought, don't come into the cold. You would never understand the game.