Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ceatle Mania

I actually watched the Celtics play the Raptors in the first (Italian) preseason game of the year. I wasn’t exactly surprised to see KG drop 19, Pierce drop 21 of his own with Allen adding 10, but I was surprised that none of these guys forced anything and let the ball actually come to them.
There were times when 2 or 3 possessions in a row failed to include any of these superstars and yet they stayed in rhythm and got their fair share of buckets when the time was right. Because I am a hater, and sit here on my computer and hate, hate, hate all day, I can’t help but assume that this won’t last all season, or can I?
The most hopeful event for an effective Boston franchise didn’t come when Ray actually passed to Eddie House or Pierce’s dime to Perkins; it wasn’t even during the game at all. During a timeout, NBA TV ran a short segment in which Pierce, Allen and Garnett were enjoying paninis or espressos or something at a café, and discussing the new team. The expected was said, “we still have to prove ourselves”, “we’re excited for the season”, blah, blah, blah… but then KG gave the three all-stars a fateful nickname, a name that, if lived up to, would bring with it a new basketball era. He donned them “The Ceatles” (see-tulls).
Now, I’m not one to jump on the latest band-wagon that happens by, in fact I still don’t believe LeBron will be able to make the transition to the NBA, but a claim like this inspires hope, even in the pessimist blogger, not to mention 76ers fan. So, the best of luck to you Paul (KG), George (Pierce) and Ringo (Allen).
I guess John can be Posey or somebody, whatever.

(The fateful claim is made at about 1:40 in)

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