Monday, October 15, 2007

Which Is Funnier, Gheroghe Muresan Dancing Or Dikembe Drinking Root Beer? Now You Know

Aside from Terrible Terry Tate and Chad Johnson, no athletes are better equipped for hilarity than basketball players. They’re used to the pressure, timing and gun-wielding inherent in comedic acting. These skills, in combination with SportsCenter’s ability to write phenomenal commercials, have lead to some entertaining ends. Game Recognize the best basketball related SportsCenter ads in history.

10) This commercial back from ‘97 is an excellent example of SportsCenter humor, but a poor example of Kobe’s acting ability. Put him on trial and I promise he’ll be more convincing than this.

9) Mutumbo was offered Dustin Hoffman’s roll in “Rain Man”. He declined so he could spend more time with his 17 children.

8) Scott Van Pelt and Stuart Scott are SportsCenter’s two leading actors and this clip proves it. Note the LeBron reference.

7) Shaq hasn’t been this good since Shazzoo. Kazzam? Shapow? Whatever that movie was called.

6) DWade wants his highlights to make him look like a superhero. What he doesn’t realize is that this commercial makes it seem like he has super comedy.

5) Is there any real joke to this commercial? No, unless you consider the expressive art of dancing funny.

4) This is the fabled commercial that got Lorne Michaels interested in Bron.

3) Grant Hill is a true pioneer for the NBActor. I wonder if he can actually play the piano.

2) Scott Van Pelt is gross.

1) This commercial gets the number one spot because of all the O.G.s.

Well there you have it, the top ten (of 11) basketball related SportsCenter commercials in order for your convenience. Wait until Greg Oden gets better. Can anyone say “deformed face” jokes?

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Anonymous said...

Dikembe sounds like one of the aliens in the cantina on tattoine