Saturday, October 13, 2007

Key To Basketblog Success, Post Videos of Dunk Contests.

Dunking is always cool no matter what. Up 30 points with .2 seconds to go on a fast break? Cool to dunk. A 7-footer on a 3-month-old baby? Cool if he dunks it. But nothing, nothing, is lamer than missing a dunk. Underhanded foul shots, banked threes and falling on your face are all cooler than missing a dunk. Unfortunately, this situation is inevitable, even for the pros.

As Newton’s law of inverse dunkation states, completing a dunk is as cool as missing a dunk is lame.

Notice the difference between the two videos. Dunking = cool. Not dunking = lame. In other words, I’d rather be Vince Carter than Tim Perry.

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