Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Game Recognize Previews: The Top Dogs

Here at Game Recognize Game, we recognize that previews shouldn’t just be about the teams. Sometimes you need to recognize the accomplishments of the egomaniacal superstar. After all, there is no “team” in “I”. So, with no further ado, here comes Game Recognize Game: Individual Predictions for 2007-2008.

Scoring Leaders:
1) Kobe Bryant: 34.3
2) LeBron James: 28.9
3) Gilbert Arenas: 28.2
4) Dwayne Wade: 27.6
5) Amare Stoudemire: 27.3
Next five: Michael Redd, Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter, Joe Johnson, Carmelo Anthony

Rebound Leaders:
1) Dwight Howard: 13.0
2) Tyson Chandler: 12.6
3) Kevin Garnett: 12.2
4) Emeka Okafor: 11.5
5) Carlos Boozer: 11.3
Next five: Marcus Camby, Al Jefferson, Tim Duncan, Chris Bosh, Ben Wallace

Assist Leaders:
1) Steve Nash (duh): 11.9
2) Jason Kidd: 10.3
3) Chris Paul: 9.5
4) Deron Williams: 9.3
5) T.J. Ford: 8.7
Next five: Baron Davis, Andre Miller, Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups, Raymond Felton

1) Baron Davis: 2.4
2) Dwayne Wade: 2.2
3) Andre Iguodala: 2.0
4) Gerald Wallace: 2.0
5) Allen Iverson: 1.8
Next five: Caron Butler, Ron Artest, Chris Paul, Shawn Marion, Gilbert Arenas

1) Marcus Camby: 3.5
2) Jermaine O’Neal: 3.0
3) Emeka Okafor: 2.8
4) Pau Gasol: 2.2
5) Tim Duncan: 2.1
Next five: Josh Smith, Ben Wallace, Samuel Dalembert, Dwight Howard, Tyson Chandler

Most Impressive Breakouts:
1) Devin Harris: Expect a Monta Ellis/Deron Williams type of year for him. He’ll need to start earning his check and it’s not like he doesn’t have enough guys to dish to on the Mavs. 14 PPG 5 APG
2) Danny Granger: Granger has plenty of opportunities to touch the ball on a lacking Pacers club. He’s a fairly big, athletic swingman who can shoot. 18 PPG 6 RPG
3) Andrew Bynum: Kobe’s favorite player is approaching the age of most rookies but he’s as polished as many veterans. 10 PPG 8 RPG.


Hey Mikey! He likes it! said...

What? No predictions for sexual harassment/gun possession charges?

And a serious lack of "Most player-coach blow-ups"

Get with it, Pete, c'mon. Give the people what they want.

Pete Fresh said...

Actually, every basketball fan knows that the more PPG you have, the more you get paid, the more you love yourself, the more likely you are to make advances on your coach and then shoot them.