Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The basketball scrap has been an important part of the sport for many years and although it may be questionable ethically, it definitely fills the stands. Fights in the NBA are inevitable as larger-than-life personalities square off against each other in a physical game. Say what you will about the brawls but they’re exciting and have created some of the most memorable moments in basketball. From Latrell Sprewell to Ron Artest plenty of players have found themselves being punished for their aggression. James Posey and Rasheed Wallace could potentially make the Eastern Conference Finals more interesting if their egos collide. Now watch some of these famous brawls and note as Vince Carter takes it upon himself to prove to the world that America means business.
*Warning: This Video Contains Questionable Content*

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k. will said...

Note that most of those videos involve my boys, the Indiana Pacers. Most bad-ass team in the NBA? Maybe...