Saturday, April 21, 2007

It Takes Two

One player can’t carry a team, but as 1993 co-MVPs Stockton and Malone proved two is enough. The Lakers have had their fair share of duos (and rings) in Kobe/Shaq and Magic/Kareem and Pippen/MJ made another fantastic tandem (even before Rodman). I had some high hopes for pairs but this season left me disappointed. After expecting the same Wade/O’Neal team we saw in the playoffs, Yao and T-Mac’s injuries and Carmelo and Iverson’s inability to win, I was forced to look towards the future for hope. Luckily, some NBA twosomes are slowly reaching dynamic duo status.
Chris Paul and David West present one of the most interesting possibilities but West is really the one who needs to step up. Putting up career numbers this year puts DWest well on his way and we all know what Paul can do. CP3 clearly can’t carry his team but with West by his side, he may be able to reach the post season.
Dwight Howard is already a superstar and hopefully his teammate Jameer Nelson can keep getting him the ball in the future. As they both grow as players Nelson will hopefully join Howard as an offensive force.
Now the only young guard/big pair that can actually get to the second round this year is found in Chris Bosh and his teammate TJ Ford. Chris Bosh has established himself as a franchise player and as long as TJ can keep getting him the ball, a new dominant duo is inevitable here.
All three of these young pairs have one junior superstar and another young guy who needs to catch up. As their teammates reach their potential, all six of these players should bring glory back to the NBA tandem.

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