Friday, April 20, 2007

West Coast Killers

As this is one long post feel free to just watch the clip and you'll see what I'm trying to say.
For the hardcore fans:
As I’m sure you know, the Golden State Warriors have made the playoffs for the first time in 13 years, ending the longest drought in the League today. These days, the Warriors are one of the most exciting clubs to watch because of their incredible offensive personalities. These four are the reason that the series against Dallas will be more interesting than you think. (As if beating the Mav’s three times in the regular season isn’t enough to show they can do it).
The leader and most important part of this dynamic offensive is found in point guard Baron Davis. He’s a leader who will probably never be a hall-of-famer but is finally getting some well-deserved post-season games. Averaging around 20 points and 8 dimes, he’s truly their ringleader.
Jason Richardson becomes an important scorer and the former slam-dunk champ can still throw it down. His finishes cap off some of the most exciting plays this club makes.
The trade with the Pacers led to two more reason why the Warriors will give Dallas a run for their money, no Jackson isn’t the other reason, it’s getting rid of Dunleavy that also helped them. Al Harrington is an important addition as he will occasionally start as Center for Golden State but isn’t limited to rebounding and posting up. He can run fast breaks, play D on any position and can shoot the outside shot (he leads the team in 3PT percentage and not for lack of shooting as he makes about 2 tres a game).
Monta Ellis is the other dynamic player that completes this team. First off, he got hops, and he’s one of the best young players in the league. He has made some of the most exciting clips on Sports Center this season and he can provide some serious energy to this already hyper offensive force. Oh yeah, Biedrins, Barnes and Pietrus can't hurt.
Don’t take my word for it, check the clip.

I’m not bold enough to say these guys can beat Dallas, but this series may go longer than many of you think.

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