Friday, April 20, 2007

Speedy Keeps it Real

If you know street ballin' point guards, you know Speedy Claxton of the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks look to him as the X-Factor for their offense, but more important than his basketball ability is his street cred. He has become a staple in rap music, refenced in many different songs.
Main Flow mentions him in 'No Gangsta': "My squad got guns and shoot Speedy like Claxton", as does Masta Ace in 'Out Da Box': "All I need is Tony Touch and a backspin/Me and P gonna handle our biz like Speedy Claxton".
Although he missed nearly 40 games this season, and his team fell very short of the playoffs (of course missing Joe Johnson didn't help), last season Claxton provided us with a classic ballin' moment, making an awkward white guy fall over.

Let's hope next year he can take out Darko...

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