Sunday, April 29, 2007

Old School Champs

The Pistons are old school. In the new, sporadic, offense oriented NBA; Detroit has found success keeping it classic with tenacious D (without Big Ben) and high percentage shots. I expect them to bring glory back to blue-collar basketball when they teach the favored West something about timeless ball.
Dominating the less than impressive Eastern Conference the Pistons haven’t been pitted against the Mavs or Suns enough for me to tell what kind of game it’ll be, but what I do know is that defense wins championships, and Detroit got D.
The Suns will find it impossible to run on Detroit as the likes of Hamilton and Prince always get back and Sheed and Webber pull down the boards as the Suns saw in their 105-83 loss. As for Dallas, they might be as deep as the Eastern Conference leaders but they let Murray get 18 and 6 in the regular season… embarrassing. Now, that might not mean that Dallas will lose if these teams ever meet, but it does indicate that they are unable to cover every one of the versatile Pistons, while Detroit has the defense to cover all of the multitalented Mavericks.
So that’s the name of the game, defense and versatility. Something the Pistons have over the Mavs and Suns, and let’s not forget that the Pistons can score too, with all five starters scoring double digits and shooting nearly 50 percent from the field. Only the Bulls really present a threat in the East, but more than likely the Pistons will meat one of the previously presented West coast powerhouses, and if this is the case, they have a true shot at some rings (assuming Sheed doesn't kill anybody between now and then)

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