Friday, June 29, 2007

Draft Night Mistakes

Some issues, more important than the overlooking of Marc Gasol, have been the result of the draft. Most picks were conservative and well thought out, but some trades were totally boneheaded and ridiculous. These three just don’t make any sense:

1) Jason Richardson to Charlotte. Okay, this could prove to be moderately intelligent, but how can you get rid of the second most important player in the most infamous playoff upset EVER, I do not know. This is a pretty good move on Michael Jordan’s part, as he also obtained a pick, but Golden State really should have capitalized on the winning team they had, rather then seek out a young player who will need work. True, the missing part of this team was a solid rebounder, but rather than just draft this player for themselves, they took Marco Belinelli and chose to give up Richardson.
2) The Knicks obtained Zach Randolph from Portland and only had to give up Francis and Frye. Frye is by all means a project and getting rid of Francis’ contract was a great move, but Randolph’s high-caliber play might be one of the last things NY needs. The Knicks have LOTS of problems, but offensive post play is the least of their worries. With Eddy Curry leading the League in low-post play, Randolph really doesn’t solve any of their problems. It’s great to have two of the best offensive bigs on your squad but drop steps and hook shots won’t mean anything while your being dunked on and out shot all night. Randolph really doesn’t improve the Knicks’ chances of making the playoffs and he may be more trouble than he’s worth for this club.
3) The Celtics/Sonics trade is definitely the most boneheaded. Why, when you have Paul Pierce, do you need Ray Allen? At 6’5” and 6’6”, these two perimeter all-stars are almost useless in tandem. This duo cannot be effective at the same time. They both demand the ball for outside shots and they both play the same position. The only way Ray Allen can actually help the Celtics is if they trade him for a big or a point guard. Let’s hope they do make some sort of deal to get rid of one of these two and it better be worth the picks and players they gave up.

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