Friday, September 7, 2007

The Emperor's New Groove

Not to be outdone by his archenemy, Big Aristotle, Kobe has traveled to the far East himself, meeting fans and schooling them in basketball. Despite the slave wages and abuse they receive making Kobe’s sneakers for Nike, plenty of Asian children came out to watch him.
So, to show his appreciation, Kobe dunked on, crossed up and just embarrassed any 4’ Asian in his path… and they loved it. Kobe was treated like a God all throughout Asia, greeted with cheers and crowds of fans. In Taiwan, he received a tribal headband, a sign of leadership. They really almost made this guy their king, but when he realized their were no white women in Asia, he headed home.
Here’s a video of him dunking on a couple of children. He has the crowd eating out of his hand:

We could have used an ambassador like this when they were Commies.

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