Thursday, September 13, 2007

Worst... Offseason... Ever

As a Sixers fan, I have no choice but to rant about their recent decisions. First they traded away Bobby Jones and Steven Hunter for Ricky Sanchez and Reggie Evans, which is basically just trading two useless players for two other useless players. In fact, you may know Reggie Evans as the "guy who violated Chris Kaman". Yep, the Sixers proudly accept this guy:

Then, president and GM, Billy King announced that Aaron McKie “would have a position with the team this season”. All I can say is, he better be assistant to the assistant coach or something, because if playing with the Sixers didn’t work before, it won’t work 13 years later.
Those moves probably won’t really effect the team one way or the other, they’re just stupid, but when King announced that Philadelphia was picking up former Washington Wizard, Calvin Booth, I nearly burned my most valued Kyle Korver poster (no, nobody’s ever actually produced a KK poster). Are you serious? Calvin Booth? This 31-year-old had a 06-07 season of 1.6 PPG and 1.8 RPG… in only 8.6 minutes a game! Yeah, he’s useless and what’s worse, the Sixers expect this guy to play “a greater role with the Sixers”. Maybe he’ll be able to reach a peak of 2 points and rebounds a game and play 17.2 minutes a game. If you think basketball players are overpaid, the fact that their paying this guy upwards of $15 dollars is an argument in your favor. This move won’t really affect the team either, but it officially makes this the most stupid, useless offseason in the history of the NBA.
The Sixers need a total revamping if their going to win any games, not a Nuggets reject, a former 6th man award-stealer, or a guy who looks like this:

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