Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Game Recognize Previews. Return of the Previews: Western Conference, Regular Season

Did you see Minority Report? Remember those guys in the water who can predict crimes before they happen? That's not how I did this.

Northwest Division:
1) Denver Nuggets
With AI on the squad all year long, I don’t see how they could have a worse record than any of these guys.
2) Seattle Supersonics
Yep, I bought into the Kevin Durant hype. Youtube that guy and I promise you’ll be a believer.
3) Utah Jazz
They were pretty good in the playoffs and Deron Williams got robbed of the MIP, but Carlos Boozer has one move. ONE MOVE. He does the same lame bank shot every time. I could D him up.
4) Minnesota Timberwolves
It’s not like they got nothing in return for KG.
5) Portland Trailblazers
I said LaMarcus Aldridge was better than Oden anyway, but I didn’t say they would win any games.

Pacific Division:
1) Phoenix Suns
They’re window of opportunity is closing, and they know it. As usual, they’re one of the best in the L.
2) Golden State Warriors
Yeah, they lost Jason Richardson, but they still can’t be worse than all the rest of these teams.
3) Los Angeles Lakers
Kobe’s gonna have to have a lot of 80-point games this year.
4) Sacramento Kings
At least none of their players ruptured their Achilles tendon.
5) Los Angeles Clippers
Without Brand, they’ve got nothing.

Southwest Division:
1) San Antonio Spurs
They won last year, and to be honest I have no idea how to rank teams.
2) Dallas Mavericks
Say what you will about they playoffs last year, they had the best record, the MVP and Mark Cuban.
3) Houston Rockets
I bet there will only be 3 or 4 weeks in which both T-Mac and Yao are playing injury free.
4) New Orleans Hornets
They’re actually pretty good, but in the hardest division.
5) Memphis Grizzlies
Possibly the worst team in the NBA. Yeah Hakim Warrick, FCS High School Pride!


Spartacus said...

You've got a few things right here, but you are way off on the Sonics and the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies will be much improved with young, fast PG's and a healthy Pau Gasol. The Sonics are still at least a year away from making any playoff noise.

ChipC3 said...

Dude- Did you write this while sitting on a toilet? Why even bother writing this at all if you aren't going to do a serious review of the conference?

You couldn't stop Boozer. YouTube doesn't make a team great. The only comment you made that was close to accurate was that you don't know how to rank teams.

Of course the only bigger waste of time than reading your post was responding to it.

Pete Fresh said...

Spartacus - On the Eastern Conference: Yeah, you might be right on Miami but Shaq was pretty key to their season and I stand by my statement that his career is coming to a close. Also, that's what people said about the Bulls last year.
On the West: Admittedly, I might have gotten overexcited about Durant, but crazier things have happened. I just don't know about the Grizzlies, I don't think Pau is going to stay healthy and the young speedy pgs can't really carry a team.

Chipc3 - I don't really have enough time to fully review 30 teams, what with homework and all, but I guess that the life of a 45 year old investment bankers isn’t as demanding as that of a high school student. Obviously I couldn't stop Boozer, and I realize that Stern doesn't choose the NBA Champ after watching some youtube clips. The only comment you made that was close to accurate was that I did, in fact, write this while sitting on the toilet. I have a personal office in there.