Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Game Recognize Previews: Eastern Conference, Regular Season

Here are the results from the 2008 NBA Season. That's right, I can travel through time.

Atlantic Division:
1) Boston Celtics
No, I actually don’t really buy into the whole “new dynasty” stuff now that they have three ball-hogging, whiny superstars as opposed to one. It’s just that this division is really terrible.
2) Toronto Raptors
If this franchise keeps their people for another 5 years, they’ll be the best team in the NBA.
3) New Jersey Nets
It seems unlikely that the combo of Jason Kidd, Vincesanity and Richard Jefferson can actually do poorly, but that’s what I thought last year… and the year before that.
4) Philadelphia 76ers
It might be wishful thinking, but hopefully the Sixers won’t end up dead last in one of the worst divisions.
5) New York Knicks
Hey Knicks, way to get rid of Francis, but shouldn’t you know that a low post dominator is useless if he can’t play defense, what with Eddy Curry and everything?

Central Division:
1) Detroit Pistons
Hey, they’re the Pistons. C’mon.
2) Cleveland Cavaliers
Hey, they’re LeFranchise. C’mon.
3) Chicago Bulls
I don’t see this squad ever getting their act together.
4) Milwaukee Bucks
Desmond Mason can’t hurt but they only avoid the number 5 spot by default.
5) Indiana Pacers
Nobody would like to see Jeff Foster dominate more than I would, but they’re just one of the worst teams in the league.

Southeast Division:
1) Orlando Magic
They’re in a pretty easy division plus Dwight Howard is going to be the most dominate player in the NBA.
2) Charlotte Bobcats
The addition of Jason Richardson might actually make this team relevant. If you think about it, they’ve got Gerald Wallace, Emeka Okafor and I wouldn’t be that surprised if MJ put himself in a couple games. Just for like 20 minutes.
3) Washington Wizards
Yeah, Arenas is ok and they might have done well if Caron Butler and he didn’t hurt themselves last year, but it doesn’t really matter where I put them because they’ll get swept in the playoffs.
4) Miami Heat
I expect DWade to make a full recovery, but they lost Kapono, Posey, maybe Jason Williams and Shaq’s career is just about over. I don’t think Smush Parker will make up for it.
5) Atlanta Hawks
Yeah they just stink. Despite Johnson, Smith and Speedy Clax’s street cred, they’ll end up last in the division.

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Spartacus said...

Off on the Wizards, Bucks, Bobcats, Bulls and Heat. The Charlie Bell signing is a fantastic move for Miami and will catapult them back to the top of their division. The Bulls will be the class of the Eastern Conference in the regular season with their young core having one more year of experience under their belts and Luol Deng moving ever closer to star status. The Bobcats are just one year and one piece away from playoff material, but they aren't there yet.