Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bob Delaney Wants Bad Ratings

"I Hate Superstars"

The Cavs were not robbed of victory last night. LeBron had a small chance of bringing it into overtime in which the Spurs would have, most likely, woken up and decided to beat Cleveland. Even LeBron said to the media after the game, “Incidental contact. It didn't affect my shot. I had a good look at it and I missed”. But with this said, that was a totally bogus call.
The refs were pretty terrible all game, giving Bron his 3rd off of an obvious flop by Bruce Bowen and Duncan his 3rd after not fouling Zydrunas. Even if they were close calls (which they weren’t) in the Finals you have to let your superstars play, especially with ratings the way they are.
The refs inaptitude came to be defined during the last play of the game. As LeBron came to the top of the key to tie the game with a three-pointer, Bowen intentionally grabbed him as he was going into the shot. This wasn’t a dumb decision, as two foul shots from a poor shooter while up three would probably seal victory, but he accidentally fouled him while shooting and there was no call. Despite LeBron’s comments to the media, he looked pretty mad after the game and there’s no doubt he would have liked those foul shots. He was definitely mad at Bob Delaney (not actually quoted above as saying he called lame fouls because he hates superstars, but you get the idea).
The Cavs are getting no help in this series and now they have to perform a miracle if they want to win this series. Maybe they can at least make it more interesting.

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