Thursday, June 21, 2007

KG May Want To Start Winning, Bad News For Minnesota

Just as fellow discontented superstar Kobe is looking to move, KG has grown tired of losing with a bunch of losing losers. Although he has yet to demand anything, Garnett is more than open to a trade. Many rumors have suggested a possible move to Boston, a 5 for 1 type of thing, but according to agent Andy Miller, “The Boston trade isn’t happening”.
So where does the Big Ticket want to go? Apparently, a team in a warm-weather city with a legitimate chance at a title, i.e. any other Western Conference team. Well, not ANY, but Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix, maybe even Golden State… But he has, fortunately, narrowed it down from that list. He’s looking at the Suns.
This would mean allowing the best player in the L to leave your team and help out someone in your conference, but it’s not like Minnesota could lose anymore games anyway. The T-Wolves would like to receive Amare and a first-round pick in ‘08 for their trouble. This deal is almost impossible given the luxury tax involved, but allegedly, they will be making an effort to get KG on their roster.
Garnett may finally be fed up with Minnesota and his addition to Phoenix could be legendary but it’s gonna take a lot of complicated moves to get him there.

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