Friday, June 29, 2007

Spain's Most Famous Pop Singer Turned Basketball Player?

Well, the draft has been all but completely wrapped up and it is safe to say the NBA has gone through some serious changes. The Knicks and Celtics made trades that will completely change the nucleus of their teams and several clubs, including Portland, Seattle and Atlanta are starting on the long road to the playoffs. But some of the worlds favorite players will be going undrafted this year. While Unkranian embarrassment Kyrylo Fesenko, Chinese loser Sun Yue and Finnish humiliation Petteri Koponen will be in the L next year, Marc Gasol won’t be leaving EspaƱa.
After winning the Spanish Grammy for most effeminate new male artist, Marc has been creating a lot of hype around certain NBA circles. But despite his basketball pedigree, accomplishments oversees and dashing good looks, Pau’s little bro will not be displaying his talent in the NBA this season.
In case you couldn’t tell, I was being completely sarcastic. Marc is absolutely terrible. I was hoping to make fun of a team for drafting him, but as they have surprised me with their intelligence, I can only show this YouTube video, highlighting his inability to play.

I doubt you watched what must be the most incredibly boring highlight reel since Shawn Bradley Presents: Best NBA Handles IV, so I’ll just break it down for you. He obviously can’t dunk and can barely run. He’s really not even one of the best players in Spain and no one would know his name if it weren’t for Pau. Anyway, just thought I’d bring you this embarrassingly awkward highlight reel and keep in mind: Marc Gasol is TERRIBLE.

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you are a tosser who ever wrote this bullshit