Monday, June 25, 2007

Secret Lovers, That's What They Are

The Asian media reports that Yao Ming will be getting married this August to teenage sweetheart Ye Li in Shanghai. The two (known as China’s Sweethearts) have been dating for 8 years and the Titan Sports Weekly declares them, “A match based on pure love”. That is at least the second or third best thing a match can be based on, in my opinion. I know what you’re all thinking, how tall is this lady? Well she compliments Yao’s 7.5 foot frame with a respectable 6.2 feet herself and she also plays ball (a Chinese child prodigy is inevitable here).
This secret love was kept under wraps until the 2004 Athens Olympics, in which they both competed, where they were seen holding hands. Yao will marry the 25 year-old while he’s in Shanghai, their hometown, training with the national team.
But this couple isn’t perfect. These two lovebirds hope to keep their wedding quiet, leaving all inquiring minds unfulfilled. They know everyone wants a piece of this too-hot-to-handle power couple, but they refuse to provide any type of satisfaction to the greater media, "On that day there will be no media, basically it will only be relatives from both sides attending”. Well, this reporter says, we made you and we can destroy you. Hopefully someone will take some pictures on their camera phone.

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